Hawiian Drive Inn invites you to become your own boss and independently own and operate your very own Hawaiian Drive Inn restaurant.

We offer one of two ways for you to take advantage of this opportunity.

1. Buy an existing restaurant that is set up and running


2. Franchise with us.

If you're intested in franchising with us. Please see the details below and contact Maggie for further details.

  • $30,000 up front
  • $500 flat royality fee/month - regardless of gross sale.
  • What We Offer:
  • Complete Training on food preparation, seasoning, and order food procedure prior to your opening
  • Provide 10 Hawaiian Drive Inn Polo T-Shirts with logo
  • 1,000 color picture menu & 5,000 regular menu(w/o picture)
  • Free listing/advertising on our website
  • 300 Hawaiian calendars on Christmas (more will be provided at a cost)
  • References to project planners/subcontractors to set up your store
  • To inquire additional information, Please call Alan at 415-200-7888.



    1. What is the monthly advertising and promotion fee?
      Free with our advertising and website. You pay for the advertisements that you placed.

    2. What is the estimated initial investment for a Hawaiian Drive Inn restaurant?
      The estimated initial investment for a Hawaiian drive Inn ranges from $150,000 to $220,000. The cost depends on the location, size and existing facility. We do not offer financing or guarantee any document which relate to note, lease and any other obligations.

    3. What is the minimum size of the restaurant?
      The minimum size is around 1,100 to 14,000 square feet.

    4. How about selecting the site for Hawaiian Drive Inn?
      You have the authority to find and acquire a site. The main criteria to consider is the location, the lease agreement, population mixture and geographic area. If you need help in finding a site, we will be happy to assist you.